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Eastern Europe, appropriate market for Iran

LONDON, April 4 (IranMania) - Today, every country contemplates making trade relations with other countries as one of its economic policies particularly when the issue of globalization and joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) is considered.

This is also true about Iran whose trade officials have paid due attention to making relations with the eastern European countries. However, the trade relations with these countries have decreased since the collapse of former Yugoslavia and formation of certain countries.

Khosrotaj, deputy minister of commerce for foreign trade affairs elaborated Iran’s trade relations with eastern European countries in an interview with the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).

According to him, in the former Yugoslavia, the bank systems set import against export to the eastern European countries. But after the country’s collapse, the bank system was changed, which resulted in decreasing or halting Iran’s trade relations with these countries.

Additionally, the political changes occurred in eastern Europe created new attitudes making them turn foreign policies to western Europe, he said.

The deputy also said that the changes made in the economic brokerages of these countries as well as their move toward privatization are among other reasons for the decline in Iran’s trade with them.

Khosrotaj put the way of attracting capitals and even the capital transfers in these countries as other reasons, opining that the capital transfers made certain industries non-competitive and established new industries.

He noted that the abovementioned reasons were some factors causing decrease of Iran’s relations with eastern European countries in the past, but recently, these counties have paid attention to the eastern countries, he added, citing as examples the negotiations made with Serbian and Slovenian officials.

“Passing certain European corridors through the eastern European countries such as Serbia and Slovenia have made great opportunities for presence of the Iranian companies”, he said.

In addition, grounds have been paved for participation of the Iranian companies in projects of energy, renovation of refineries and petrochemical industries in these countries coupled with formation of proper markets for the Iranian products of sanitary commodities, gas-fueled appliances, dried fruits, and construction materials, Khosrotaj added in conclusion.

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