mardi, novembre 01, 2005

Norsk Hydro to make energy investment in Iran

LONDON, November 1 (IranMania) - The Norsk Hydro ASA of Norway is going to continue its work in Iran. The company, second largest oil giant in Norway, intends to stay and invest in the nation?s energy sector by initiating serious negotiations with the country?s officials, executive director of the company Eivind Reiten announced, MNA said.

?Norway is an energy-oriented country, holding 52% of identified oil reserves of Europe,? Reiten said, adding, ?Comprising only one % of Europe?s population, 4.5 mln, Norway sits on 27% of the continent?s gas fields and also produces 31% of hydroelectric power of the sum.? It is one imperative task of the company to implement its experiences in Iran and future investment in aluminum industry is another indication of Norway?s long-term outlook in Iran, he maintained.

The Norsk Hydro ASA is also going to follow up on ongoing oil exploration in Anaran region and Khorramabad exploration block is also on the company?s list.

Pointing to buyback contracts with Iran, he stated ?We have not made a list of preferable contracts to sign with Iran, for we always follow the laws and regulations of any country that we invest in?.

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