mardi, mai 10, 2005

Renewed support for environmental protection

LONDON, May 10 (IranMania) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami said despite the need for the economy to boom and generate jobs, Iran government in the past eight years has paid special attention to environmental issues.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the International Conference on Environment, Peace and Dialogue Among Civilizations and Cultures, Khatami said, “Statistics show Iran has progressed a great deal in this arena. The country’s magnificent successes in the domains of oil, energy, industry, water and sewage as well as infrastructure are good examples,“ Iran Daily reported

Khatami stressed that pollution and destruction of the environment have brought about poverty, injustice and dissatisfaction with the status quo in developing countries.

“Poverty and insecurity have intensified environmental destruction in South countries. Based on reports compiled by the United Nations Environment Programme, profiteers have struck heavy blows on the nature of Bosnia, Kosovo, Occupied Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq through their war mongering policy,“ he said.

The president also said Iran will soon raise the issue of reforming the United Nations structure in the General Assembly meeting.

“Improving the UN performance requires a global consensus. In its new round of activities, the UN must stick to democratic principles and especially pay heed to the demands of developing and underdeveloped countries. Otherwise, any decision could entail adverse consequences and even create new problems for the human race,“ he said.

Khatami noted that unfulfilled promises for alleviating poverty, ignoring the rights of the oppressed, neglecting environmental considerations and also the rights of future generations as well as the lopsided policies of certain global powers have forced mankind to lose trust in the incumbent UN managerial system.

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