jeudi, mai 19, 2005

"Poor marketing hurts Iran's int’l commerce"

LONDON, May 9 (IranMania) - Poor marketing has made potential customers turn away from most of Iran’s world-famous commodities such as saffron, pistachio and caviar, said Head of the Monetary and Banking Research Center Ahmad Mojtahed.

He said the general reluctance of public and private organizations to invest in their marketing sections continues to deprive Iranian producers of the chance sell their products overseas.

“Despite being a resource-rich country, underdeveloped infrastructures continue to hinder efforts toward economic growth in this country,“ he said, noting that Iran still suffers from poor education facilities as well as water, electricity, gas, telephone, telecommunications and road networks.

According to Mojtahed, economically progressive countries employ qualified and skilled managers able to fully exploit their potentials.

“Sometimes all the necessary factors are available but not used properly.“

Mojtahed said while in most countries managers are a driving force behind economic development, in Iran, especially since the revolution, the issue has been neglected.

The official stressed given that gaining access to the latest technology is very costly for cash-strapped countries like Iran, it is necessary that the country engages in close interaction with leading research centers worldwide.

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