jeudi, mai 19, 2005

French firm will help digitalize Iran power meters

LONDON, May 19 (IranMania) - Iran Electricity Meter Company has reached an agreement with a French firm on transfer of technology used in the production of digital power meters.

Analogs and power meters will be replaced by digital ones.

Massoud Hojjat, vice chairman of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Company, Tavanir, said at the ceremony to sign the agreement that the mechanical tools will gradually be replaced with digital ones, stressing that Iran needs to do the same in the power industry.

He said there are 18 mln subscribers to the power supply network in Iran, adding that the use of digital electricity meters could help save energy.

“We are trying to protect the rights of the people and the government by replacing analogue power meters with digital ones,“ he said, stressing that digital power meters could precisely calculate the power consumption.

France’s Actanis will help Iran digitalize power meters across the country.

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