dimanche, novembre 12, 2006

Iran exports goods to 160 countries

Iran exports goods to 160 countries: official

Thursday, November 09, 2006 - ©2005 IranMania.com

LONDON, November 9 (IranMania) - Director general of Iran Customs Office said that Iran exports commodities to 160 countries, IRNA reported.

Speaking to reporters from Khorasan Razavi province, Nasser Ebrahimi said that the northeastern province is exporting goods to 130 states.

The province has great potential in terms of production, quality and diversity of export commodities including industrial, agricultural and service sector as well as in job creation, he noted.

"Export is considered as a major criteria for economy stability," he added, stipulating that the government's efforts to develop the export sector paved the ground for improvement of goods quality because of the expansion of competitive market.

Referring to the other benefits of Iran's export strategy such as applying the country's potential, he noted that the strategy will help to create more jobs and lower costs.

He said that one of the significant expenses in exporting commodities is the unloading and storing of goods in customs offices' warehouses.

The official called for reducing such expenses by speeding up the export procedure.

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